Wife infected with STI, pummelled

DESPITE having been in marriage for 30 years, a Chikanga woman has had enough of the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her husband, and dragged him to court seeking a protection order against him.

Precious Nyandiri told the Mutare Civil Court that, not only does Peter Chitsa physically and emotionally abuse her, but has also infected her with an STI.

Ms Purity Gumbo heard the matter.

“Your Worship, my life is in danger. This man has turned into a monster as he gets physical each time we quarrel. He is overbearing, and demands to know everything that goes on with me, even that which does not concern him. I, therefore, pray that this honourable court grants me protection from him,” said Nyandiri.

She added that her husband was in the habit of picking up fights with her in public as a way of embarrassing her.

Added Nyandiri: “He has become sarcastic, and mocks me saying I have expired. At one point he accused me of misplacing his passport, and poured hot water on me. I still have the scars.”

To add insult to injury, Nyandiri said in 2017, Chitsa left their matrimonial home to cohabit with his girlfriend, and infected her with an STI when he returned.

“I have not been cured of the STI,” she said, adding: “I am always living in fear, and his behaviour has resulted in me suffering from hypertension.”

However, Chitsa refuted the allegations and told the court that Nyandiri was fabricating lies.

This is despite the fact that she showed the scars, and produced a health card from a clinic where she sought treatment of the STI as evidence.

Chitsa said he was the one who should be granted the protection order instead.

“I totally fail to understand this woman. She has no respect for me as the man of the house, and harasses me in front of her friends. I have lost all the respect in the community because of the way she treats me. She is accusing me of those things, yet I have not done her any wrong,” said Chitsa.

Taking the matter to court, he added, was his wife’s way of elbowing him out of the way as they have registered their house in her name.

Ms Gumbo, granted the protection order.

She ordered Chitsa to desist from abusing Nyandiri again.

“If you also want protection from her, go and apply for a restraining order. You cannot benefit from the one she has just sought against you now,” said Ms Gumbo. – Manica Post

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