ZANU PF OUT: MDC Alliance Hits The Campaign Trail

Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume, who is also the MDC Alliance candidate for Bikita East Constituency, for the past 10 days was in the Bikita constituency where he was meeting the electorate ahead of the much anticipated 2018 elections.

The Alliance principal was met with community leaders, village heads, church leaders, Transform Zimbabwe district and ward committees and the ordinary constituency members. He encouraged people to register to vote and laid the groundwork for a blitz campaign by the MDC Alliance which will be spearheaded by TZ in the constituency.

Under the Alliance agreement, Bikita East was given to Transform Zimbabwe as it is also the home constituency for Ngarivhume.

” Bikita is my home,” said Ngarivhume, who then went on to recount his childhood years in the area. “As Transform Zimbabwe, we will make sure that we develop this area to become one of the most developed constituencies in Zimbabwe”, said the youthful leader who clearly had sentimental value for the area.

The visit was part of the implementation of the Alliance campaign programs. In every constituency, campaign structures will be set up with members from all the Alliance partners rallying behind the Alliance candidates that will be representing them in the constituency.

However, the strategy may prove elusive for the Alliance as there were challenges with some Alliance partners in terms of galvanizing support for the TZ bid. Mr Justin Makota, who is the TZ presidential spokesperson, said that there were challenges with some Alliance partners who were claiming that their provincial executives had instructed then not to support the TZ bid. However, the TZ leader indicated that he would take this up with the other principals.

The villagers expressed hope that the demise of Mugabe will bring in new fortunes for the country. The TZ leader likened the fall of Mugabe to the crossing of the Red Sea and Mnangagwa to the crossing of the Jordan River. “Though we have crossed the Red Sea as a nation, we now have to cross the Jordan River to get into the promised land”, said Ngarivhume.

Ngarivhume has consistently called for electoral reforms that will lead to a free and fair election in 2018. He declared that with a free and fair election, the opposition Alliance has a clear chance to victory.