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UANC says it is ready to form new government

Gwinyai Muzorewa
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THE late Bishop Abel Muzorewa’s young brother, Gwinyai,last week re-launched the United African National Council (UANC) party saying he is ready to govern.

The late Muzorewa was the founding leader of the party.

Speaking at the launch, Muzorewa said Zanu PF no longer represents the interests of the people.

“Zanu PF rejuvenated itself through the 2017 soft coup, but there has been little change to the country’s economic quagmire.  Let no one misconstrue dictatorship for visionary leadership. The nation is confronted with several challenges, including economic hardships, corruption and political polarisation due to power hungry leadership,” Muzorewa said.

“You cannot repeat the same method and expect different results.”

Muzorewa also took a swipe at the Political Leaders Dialogue (Polad) describing it as a double edged sword.

“Then of course there has been a plethora of opposition leaders under the designation Polad. We surmise that the present political state of affairs is the outcome of their advice to Mnangagwa in 2019.”

Muzorewa died in 2010 aged 85 after battling cancer.

Muzorewa had been prime minister in a short-lived pre-independence government and was dismissed as a puppet of former white minority rulers.

After independence, Muzorewa was arrested and accused of plotting against the late Robert Mugabe.

He was later released and the charges were dropped.He was seldom seen in public in Zimbabwe in the last few years and formally retired from politics in 2001.

Although reviled by Zanu PF, many political analysts say that Muzorewa’s brief internal settlement with colonial ruler Ian Smith was a useful transition towards majority black rule. – News Day