Mliswa calls for a Government of National Reconstruction

Temba Mliswa

Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has urged Presiiident Emmerson Mnangagwa to institute a Government of National Reconstruction made up of players outside ZANU PF to stir development in the country.

“What the country needs isn’t GNU but a Govt of National Reconstruction. Admittedly Zimbabwe has suffered over decades, so no matter the vision one has, you can’t begin to tackle the challenges without a team of competent, passionate Zimbabweans the world over with focus on Zimbabwe first.”Mliswa said.

Mliswa added that Mnangagwa must appoint members of that government from other places other than ZANU PF.

“This team with all its expertise will then “reconstruct” the country. Without this we aren’t going anywhere Mnangagwa needs to be very strategic on appointing such a team. He’s given his Party a chance & now it’s time to give the Nation a chance.

“Partisan politics is long gone. The global arena no longer accommodates such and Zimbabwe must move with the times. Most voters no longer vote along party lines but want good governance and better conditions. They want leaders with integrity that’ll represent them.”

However Mliswa said the reconstruction of the country is not an overnight process.

“The truth is that even with such a team, it’s not an overnight fix. Decades of destruction are likely to bear fruit +5 years on and communication with the Nation is key.”

ZANU PF and MDC  are on record ruling out any possibility of a GNU.