Chamisa’s party is running out of oxygen: Zanu PF

Zanu PF through its spokeperson SK Moyo have responded to MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s 2021 Agenda, you can read the full press statement below;



The party has noted MDC A’s threat to unseat a constitutionally elected Government through Chamisa’s statement in his 2021 Agenda.

Chamisa failed to instill hope and fix fractures in his party.

ZANU PF as a law abiding party rests matters with the Law.

Chamisa’s party is fast running out of oxygen.

ZANU PF cherishes democracy. We won the liberation and there was no MDC party then. Urges them to join POLAD and not focus on polarising antics.

ZANU PF is proud of the Government in fighting against the pandemic and in acquiring the COVID 19 vaccine.

It is preposterous for Chamisa to say Government is using Covid 19 to delay bi-elections. The President wants to save lives because once lost they can not be recovered.

Chamisa is obsessed with bi-elections . ZANU PF points it clearly that the party does not interfere with running of bi-elections which is ZECs prerogative.

We accept the measures put in place to save lives.

Chamisa is under pressure to seek relevance following the mass exodus by members to join the revolutionary party.

This is not ZANU PF’s problem but his. We will accept those who come to join the party.

Zimbabwe remains that of multi party. Collapsing parties are not our fault. Stop sending out frustrations through fighting the country’s hard won peace.

Implore the DCCs to continue to preach the word of peace, development and unity in line with President Mnangagwa’s vision 2030.

We will continue to be guided by the 2018 manifesto and work on our promises.

Encouraged people to work on production. As the nation continues to achieve food security.

The NDS1 recently launched by His Excellency Cde E.D Mnangagwa has been embraced by the nation and internationally. Our focus remains on productivity across all sectors of the economy.

ZANU PF has no time for primitive politics with tribal undertones as we recently observed the people of Manicaland, Chipinge in particular being subjected to ridicle at the hands of the opposition officials.

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