‘Chamisa too young to pin homes on’ – Hopwell Chin’ono

Nelson Chamisa

THE outspoken Zimbabwean government activist, Hopewell Chin’ono has said that it is not enough for Zimbabwe to pin its hopes on opposition MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa without giving all the support he needs to transform the country.

Chin’ono posted on Facebook this Saturday in the wake of growing frustration with the leader over failure to dislodge the ruling ZANU PF from power.

Some of his supporters are saying that Chamisa and the MDC leadership have only rhetoric for change without the requisite action to set change in motion.

Posting on Facebook, however, Chin’ono said: Daily I hear cries of a name; Nelson, Nelson, Nelson.

‪Zimbabwe prides itself as a nation of the great educated.

Surely when faced with a criminal regime that has reduced 8 million citizens into starvation.

The thinkers MUST congregate their minds and come up with a lasting and decisive solution to save their people.

Where are they?‬

Can a whole nation simply pin its hopes in a 42-year-old without giving him the requisite support?

What has he been given to deliver the dream?

Where are the intellectuals, the visionaries, the clergy, the students, the strugglers, the aggrieved?

Political Science students and experts have in the recent past been standing aloof, commenting from the terraces with some citing the huge risks associated with participating in Zimbabwean politics.