Trying to cut down on drinking beer? Try non-alcoholic

London – Cutting back on drinking can sometimes present a challenge.

But scientists may have found the perfect solution for those trying to consume less beer.

Researchers led by the University of Bristol found the more non-alcoholic beverages laid out before drinkers, the more likely they were to choose them.

They recruited 808 people to try to “nudge” them into drinking less alcohol. They were split into groups, with half being shown an equal amount of beer and non-alcoholic drinks and asked to pick which they would like.

A quarter were shown six alcoholic beers, one soft drink and one non-alcoholic beer.

With so much alcohol on offer, the participants were up to 46 percent less likely to choose a booze-free drink compared to when they were offered the same amount of each drink. But when the last quarter were given an option of two beers and six non-alcoholic options, they were up to 71 percent more likely to avoid alcohol.

Dr Anna Blackwell, from the University of Bristol, who led the study, said the findings suggested that making non-alcoholic drinks more visible may influence “healthier choices”.

in recent years we have seen more people choosing to cut down on alcoholic beverages.

The beverages industry has also responded to the trend and there are now more companies producing alcohol-free variants of their beverages. From gin, ciders and beer, to sparkling wine, whisky and vodka, there are now options for alcohol-free options.

Trend reports says: “As consumers become more aware of what they put into their bodies, there is a greater need for high-quality, low alcohol by volume (ABV) and alcohol-free products.”

Daily Mail