Chamisa accepts Mugabe endorsement, slams ‘fake news mercenaries’

Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa speaks during an interview at his offices in Harare. File picture: Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi/AP

Harare –  Opposition presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa waited until after former president Robert Mugabe had finished his press conference at his luxurious home in northern Harare on Sunday before addressing the media .
When asked what he felt about Mugabe’s declaration that he would vote for Chamisa, the MDC Alliance leader said: “I will accept any voter with a clear mind and a clean heart.
“I need every support. But this election is not about the past. it’s about the future”
Partisan state media has published reports claiming that Chamisa has entered into a deal with former first lady Grace Mugabe and that she has invested money in his campaign: “I will meet any citizen…but there is no room for Grace Mugabe….I say to her…leave me alone. Deal with your own man.”
Chamisa said fake news was being “put out” by foreigners working in a Harare suburb and from a small town about 20 km east of the capital: “These foreigners are actually fake news mercenaries. Their duty is to concoct, manufacture, engineer and produce fictitious and fallacious videos, news stories and then send them out to you, send them out to the world to confuse the voters. 
“We have the names of those people and at the appropriate time we will release them.”
He said President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s final election rally at the 60 000 National Sports Centre in Harare last Saturday was attended by people who had been bussed from the rural areas by hired “buses and lorries…When you can’t manage to fill up the stadium step aside.”
He said after he was sworn in as president, he would investigate all deals signed by the Zanu PF government, particularly those which did not pass through parliament.
“We are not open to looting. Any skullduggery will not be accepted”
He once again predicted that his “victory was certain. Any outcome of the election with ED (Mnangagwa) as the victor is not an election. We know what people want, and we will confirm the will of the people.”
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