MPs Call On Govt, Energy Sector To Be Honest About Fuel Situation

Members of Parliament’s energy committee urged the government and the energy sector to speak the truth regarding the fuel situation in the country. This comes after there were conflicting statements by players in the same industry.

While the government says the country has enough fuel to cover the next 18 months, the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) acting CEO Eddington Mazambani last week said that the country, the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) last week said that the country has exhausted its fuel supplies.

Zvimba North MP (ZANU PF) Marian Chombo said

We want the truth; tell us the truth in black and white so that we plan… If there is no fuel, tell us the truth please and speak with one voice. Give us the correct information and this is what the people are yearning for.

We do not want the left hand telling us something different from the right hand. Have a plan of communicating with us and speak with one voice.

Kuwadzana East MP (MDC) Charlton Hwende demanded that the authorities should come out clean on the issue of fuel availability. He said

Where is the problem? Just last week, we were told that the government had released $60 million for fuel.

Logistically you are saying you are ready. The biggest challenge now is the truth not being told. Who is not telling the truth here?

ZERA acting CEO Eddington Mazambani clarified on the $60 million allocations that were made to the fuel sector by the RBZ. He had this to say

The $60 million foreign currency which was released for fuel has already been exhausted because it came when we were at zero in terms of fuel supplies.

The $60 million is about 100 million litres of fuel and it will be gone in about two-and-a-half weeks, and because we are at zero everyone wants to fill up their vehicles, and we do not know how much per week the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) allocates to oil companies.

Source: Pindula