Zuva Labour Case – Blame the Law Not the Lawyer – Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa

OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has at last been forced to respond to accusations he was anti-labour after his role in the infamous Zuva case in 2015 that triggered thousands of job losses.

Chamisa was part of the Zuva Petroleum legal team that defended the company against a Supreme Court challenge by a group of former managers.

Then, just out of law school, Chamisa and his colleagues successfully argued that the law discriminated against employers by allowing one party to a contract to terminate on notice. The Supreme Court agreed and judgment triggered a bloodbath in industry with over 20 000 workers losing their jobs.

Since then Chamisa has been accused of having fought on the side of capital which his critics argue flies in the face of the MDC’s founding values as a labour based movement.

In a message on his Twitter handle to celebrate Workers Day, Chamisa he wished Zimbabweans had reason to be happy.

“Labour Day in Zimbabwe… Many are either out of work or without work, almost hopeless and jobless. Only change can make things happen.

“Today is the day dedicated to all those who make efforts and never give up. Workers united will never be defeated. I wish I could say happy Workers Day,” said Chamisa.

While majority were quick to thank the 41-year-old lawyer for the “thoughtful message” others questioned his sincerity digging up his role in the infamous judgment.

“Lest we forget a thousand who lost their jobs without compensation after the Zuva case,” said one of Chamisa’s followers who uses the handle “Rozvi State”.

To this Chamisa retorted.

“Any loss of a job is wrong and tragic. A wrong law does not necessarily make the lawyer who identifies it wrong and bad,” the MDC leader said.

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