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RBZ economist on why money changers are not arrested

Charles Torima
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CHIREDZI – RBZ senior economist, Charles Torima has said money changers who now do their illegal business openly in the streets are not prosecuted because when they are arrested they claim to be agents of Members of Parliament and other powerful politicians.

Torima was answering a question from Chiredzi North legislator, Roy Bhila who demanded to know why money changers are having a free reign in the streets of Zimbabwe.

He said the money changers are operating in front of Police stations and banks particularly in Chiredzi but the law takes no notice of them.

The Mirror also established that many money changers are wives of senior Police officers.

Bhila further accused the RBZ of fueling the black market by pumping brand new RTGS notes into the streets through the money changers.

Torima said this at a National Development Strategy1 (NDS) Consultative Meeting held in Chiredzi on Wednesday.

Torima who appeared corned and put aback by the question initially laughed before blaming MPs and politicians for giving protection to the money changers.

“The Government is working on it but it’s disheartening. Do you know what these money dealers say when we arrest them? They say they are send by you MPs,” said Torima before he laughed.

The Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Clemence Chiduwa attended the meeting.

“My worry is on illegal money changers who do their business just outside banks, can you imagine, and nothing happens to them. The Dispol is sitting here in this room but he is not arresting them.

“I take it that you are not prosecuting them because you guys work in cahoots with them. Why are you not making noise about these people?” asked Bhila.

Chiredzi East MP Denford Masiya echoed similar sentiments and said these money changers usually have new bank notes fresh from the Reserve Bank which shows that they are getting money from somebody.

“I am sure you saw the money changers on your way here but you do nothing about them,” said Masiya.