Old habits die hard: Unrepetant car radio thieves re-arrested still serving sentence

Two Bulawayo teenagers initially spared jail time when they were sentenced to perform community service for stealing car radios from city motorists went again on the prowl at night stealing the same goods they were convicted of while performing community service.

Casper Ncube (19) and Godknows Sibanda (18) from Mpopoma suburb shocked Western Commonage Magistrate Steven Ndlovu who initially dealt with their previous cases when they made a surprise comeback to the court facing the same charges they were currently serving for.

The two, who were separately charged for four and two counts of theft, were arrested while separately rendering their unpaid services at Western Commonage Police Station and Western Commonage Magistrates Court.

The court proved that the seemingly unrepentant duo, after knocking off from rendering their unpaid services, would meet at night and creep around in Mpopoma suburb breaking into residents’ cars.

Following their arrest, most of the radios and speakers were recovered from pirating Honda Fits plying the City Centre-Matopos Road route.

When Sibanda was arrested he sold out his accomplice Ncube leading to his arrest too.

The two serial teenage thieves — Ncube and Sibanda were condemned to Grey Prison in Bulawayo where they are currently serving 48 and 20 months sentences respectively. – B-Metro