Bitter woman sues ex for ‘seduction damages

A Bulawayo woman employed as a teacher at Hamara Primary School in Umguza District has threatened to sue her married ex-lover, for “seduction damages” apparently to cover for the emotional abuse she allegedly suffered when they broke up.

Anna Nyaradzo Mupfumbu threatened to take  legal action against her ex-lover Dziva Mapfumo who is a teacher at ZRP Ross Camp Primary school after he dragged her to the Bulawayo Civil Court claiming she was disturbing his peace.

In a seeming counter-suit Mupfumbu while responding to Mapfumo’is submissions for a protection order told presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya that she wanted compensation from Mapfumo for wasting her  time during the two’s “cohabitation”  period.

Mupfumbi’s threats came after Mapfumo had accused her of disturbing his peace by constantly insulting him together with his family and by also visiting his place while threatening to commit suicide.

“I am the applicant and the respondent Anna Nyaradzo Mupfumbu is my ex-girlfriend whom I parted ways with in 2016. She is disturbing my peace by always threatening and insulting me together with my family. She is also frequently coming my place while threatening to kill herself in my presence.

“I am now appealing to the courts to bar her from insulting me and visiting my place while threatening to commit suicide,” begged Mapfumo.

Mapfumo further said due to Mupfumbu’s chilling threats of committing suicide at his place , he was now afraid that the woman he was now living with would end up dumping him.

In response Mupfumbu who was bitter against her ex-lover for dumping her two years ago said she wanted compensation from him for supposedly wasting her time.

The magistrate however, advised her that if she felt Mapfumo had indeed wasted her time she can also sue him for seduction damages before he ordered her not to verbally, physically and emotionally abuse him.

Mupfumbu was also ordered not to visit Mapfumo’s residence and workplace at ZRP Ross Camp. – B-Metro