He added: “We would love people to know a little more of us as people because historically the label kept a very clean image of us.

“And when people think of Westlife they think of stools, key changes and that’s part of it. But I don’t think people have truly seen our personalities.”

He confirmed that filming is underway at the moment, and they’ll be looking into what they can do with the footage once the project is finished.

Meanwhile, Westlife will also be releasing new album ‘Spectrum’ later this year.

They previously explained: “‘Spectrum’ is a title that represents the various different shades and colours of our personalities, vocals and general perspectives that all blend together in a unique way to create Westlife.

“It’s also a word that represents the various shades and colours in the band, meaning it’s the perfect metaphor for our different points of view and perspectives but together, they somehow join to work perfectly.”