Bobby Brown Jr. remembered by friends and family

Friends and family have been paying tribute to Bobby Brown Jr. after the artist passed away last week.

The son of singer Bobby Brown and his former partner Kim Ward was found dead last Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles aged just 28 and friends and family have been remembering “a talented artist gone way too soon”.

James Worthy, a longtime friend and producer for Bobby Jr., explained how he focusing on his music before his death.

Worthy told PEOPLE magazine: “He hit me up the other day about music. He was on a roll with this album. He was all about his music right now.

“We inspired each other. We helped each other grow musically. He was someone I loved and held dear to me. I can’t believe he’s gone.”

Eddie Ray – the fiance of Bobby Jr.’s older sister La’Princia – explained how he could “put a smile on everyone’s face”.

According to Los Angeles police, the son of singer Bobby Brown was found dead on Wednesday at a home in Encino, California.

He said: “My brother could walk – better yet moon-walk – into any room and put a smile on everyone’s face. He had that much of a good vibe.

“He loved everyone, and everyone loved him. He was about to lead a new charge in music with two new songs that were slated to drop soon. B could go boom-bap rappy, or could hit you with country. Just so diverse. The way his mind worked is extraordinary – Einstein-level genius.”

And Eddie recalled how his first memory of Bobby Jr. was of him making music.

He said: “When La’Princia and I started dating in 2011, I would wake up at 6 am to the bed shaking and it was the bass coming out of his bedroom next door.

“That was followed by him harmonising what ended up being his song ‘In Her City’, which is a smash. Princie would bang on the wall to stop, and he would just sing louder.”

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