Zimbabwe’s drive towards a competitive economy on track

Prof. Gift Mugano

THE country is gravitating towards a competitive economy, with the government engaging the private sector on policies to improve business conditions for local and external projects.

Zimbabwe is currently ranked 124th out of 141 countries on the global Competitiveness Index, with stakeholders focusing on modalities to improve the rankings.

National Competitiveness Commission and Economist Mr Dumisani Sibanda outlined the need for private sector involvement towards a competitive economy.

“It is all about what we can to improve this economy as a body under the government we are really committed to talks with the private sector to enhance such an important agenda,” he said.

Another economist Professor Gift Mugano spoke on measures to boost competitiveness.

“There are several reforms that are needed on the social and economic front for the country to be considered attractive to global investors so this is an issue where private sector can also help government,” ex[plained Professor Mugano.
The Global Competitive Index looks on infrastructure developments, macroeconomic environment, health, education sectors technology, innovation, labour markets, financial markets and stability in determining competitiveness.