NDS1 triggers consumption of locally produced goods by 65%

HARARE – To escalate the implementation of the National Development Strategy One, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce has aligned its five-year plan to the national economic policy.

The operationalisation of the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) has seen improved industrial production, culminating in locally produced goods and services accounting for 65 percent of the market.

Riding on the visible successes of the national economic blue-print, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is now focusing on synchronising the industry’s five-year plan with NDS1.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Dr. Mavis Sibanda said: “NDS1 mandates our ministry to be a key driver in our quest to re-industrialisation and achieve national vision. So, we are here not only to craft the permanent secretary’s contract, but to ensure everyone knows what is at stake and which role to play as the nation rolls out NDS1.”

Stakeholders who submitted input to the crafted industry strategic plan emphasised that NDS1 is there to uplift the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans.

“As champions of consumer rights, we are here to support our local industry to be cognizant of the needs of general Zimbabweans. As we see progress under NDS1, we need to share benefits and ensure no one is left behind,” said a participant.

“This interactive engagement ensures that every stakeholder is sincere on what is expected of him or her so that as a nation we don’t miss development targets,” another said.

The alignment of the industry strategic plan to NDS1 is set to deliver citizen-owned development through increased production.