Neighbour’ son’s ghost terrorises family

THE Nkala family from Dlawa village in Nkayi is reportedly being haunted by their neighbour Shadreck Ndimande’s son who died a year ago.

Joram Nkala and his wife Sethulelo Ndlovu who died a few months apart allegedly claimed to have seen their dead neighbour in their dreams. Now the remaining family members believe there’s a ghost out to finish them.

Bongani Moyo from the village, told B-Metro about the circumstances linked to the death of the two.

“Shadreck Ndimande’s son was found dead near Nkala’s homestead a year ago. What led to his death is unclear and up to this day no one knows what transpired. After his burial, his father did some rituals on the grave,” he said.

A year later, strange incidents started happening at Nkala’s homestead and it is reported Nkala was the first to complain of seeing the dead man.

“The rumour that Ndimande’s dead son was haunting the Nkala family came out at Joram’s funeral gathering.

“Though it was not confirmed at the time, when Nkala’s wife died a few months later, their children opened up on the matter.

“After the burial, the two children deserted the village and left their livestock at their uncle’s home. We do not understand why the dead man chose to haunt Nkala’s family instead of his family,” said Moyo.

The village head Danisa Ncube received a report about the issue.

“I know about the deaths which happened at Nkala’s homestead and I just got an official report from their relatives about what transpired before their deaths and that they need help.

“I am yet to have a meeting with the relatives and see what could be done since the children have also run away fearing for their lives,” he said.

Nqobani Nkala, the family spokesperson revealed that they had tried numerous times to apologise to Ndimande, but he chased them away.

“Since my brother and his wife both died claiming that they were being haunted by Ndimande’s dead son, we decided to apologise, but Ndimande chased us away saying he didn’t know what we were talking about.

“We do not know what to do and Nkala’s two sons ran away and we do not know their whereabouts,” Nqobani said.

When Ndimande was contacted for comment, he did not have kind words for the Nkala family. “It seems they know better about my son’s death. I have nothing to discuss with them because we will never bring back the dead to life,” he said. – B-Metro