We Are Not Desperate For A Unity Government: MDC Spokesperson

Jacob Mafume

The MDC has denied reports that the party is desperate to form a government of national unity with ZANU PF (GNU).

MDC president and vice chairperson, Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti respectively, have called for negotiations with ZANU PF in order to put an end to the political and economic crisis facing the country.

ZANU PF has scoffed at those calls, insisting that it won the July 30 polls with a clear majority, therefore there is no need for a GNU.

In an interview with the Daily News, MDC party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said

It is them Zanu PF who stole a vote, they are being hounded by their theft, it is them who were rejected by all credible observer missions and it is them Zanu PF who are failing to get a single cent even from the Chinese.

They have caused fuel shortages and are taxing people, it is not us who have begged them for a unity government, it is not us who have suggested that they be a unity government but it is them who are being haunted by the ghost of illegitimacy.

Zanu PF is the one that has messed up, they have failed the economy. They are illegitimate; they have failed to pass the legitimacy test internationally and to the people of Zimbabwe. You cannot seek to govern people by force, they will not comply. They are facing resistance from the people and the economy. It is Zanu PF which needs to be rescued not anyone else.