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Road rehabilitation boost for Shamva

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Shamva residents have commended the road rehabilitation programme in Ward 24 of the rural district council for improving the convenience of travel.

A motorist said, ‘‘The rehabilitation of roads in Ward 24 is welcome because the roads were bad here. We are grateful to our councillor.’’

A resident, Mr Nyahuni noted, ‘‘This is a developing area and people are still constructing. So, we would find it difficult to access a place to deliver building material while owners of homes that have been completed found it difficult to drive their cars.’’

Another resident, Ms Makamba said, ‘‘I’m happy with the rehabilitation of roads. It will enable vehicles particularly small cars that could not access the area easily. Since I have a disability, I need to get to the hospital frequently and I would ask for transport but people would always complain that the road is inaccessible making it difficult to get transport.’’

Chaminuka Ward 24 councillor Nevson Zvizhinji says the road rehabilitation initiative is meant to improve connectivity in the fast-developing area.

‘‘Each local authority was given a grader by ZINARA for use, so anyone who can provide fuel can make use of it for development, which is why I thought we could improve our roads in this ward as they were now in a bad condition. We should not just wait for the government but assist where we can since a nation is built by its people.’’

The initiative comes at a time urbanisation is moving at a fast pace within Chaminuka Rural District Council which covers urban centres such as Shamva and Madziwa.

Source: ZBC