‘Resurrected’ Zimbabwean man officially dies

Brighton ‘Elliot’ Moyo, the Zimbabwean whom South African Prophet Alf Lukau ‘resurrected’  in February, has officially died.

According to ZwNews.com, Moyo died last week in South Africa, and was buried on Saturday.

Zimbawean publication H-Metro said it called a relative of Moyo whgo said that he died three days after his stomach started swelling.

Moyo caught the world’s attention in February when a video of him ‘rising from the dead’ after three days and sitting up in his coffin went viral.

He was ‘resurrected’ at Alleluia Ministries International church.

According to a news report by Zimbabwe’s Citizen, the video featured a woman shouting, “Pastor Alph, something is happening outside. There is a family that is about to bring a corpse to Zimbabwe, but they are saying something is happening, man of God.”

The pastor went outside and asked workers to take the coffin out of the hearse. He spoke to the ‘deceased’s’ older brother before the coffin was  removed.

Pastor Alph asked the congregants to lift their hands,  start praying and shouting, “Rise Up!”

Then Moyo sat up in the coffin, looking confused.

He is survived by his widow.