Rautenbach pays US$45 000 towards Mwenezi tax arrears

Billy Rautenbach

MWENEZI – The tax wrangle between Billy Rautenbach’s Zimbabwe Bio-Energy and Mwenezi Rural District Council seems to be drawing to an end with the business tycoon paying US$45 000 towards his arrears.

The total agreed arrears are US$136 000 and a payment plan has been signed.

The resolution of the impasse followed a meeting between the two parties on October 7, 2020 in Harare and another in Nuanetsi on November 5, 2020. In addition Rautenbach agreed on his company adopting some socio-corporate responsibilities in Mwenezi.

Mwenezi RDC Chief Executive Officer Albert Chivanga confirmed the development to The Mirror. “The frosty relationship is hawing. We have given the company a US$136 000 invoice (for two years) after we agreed on a payment plan. We expect the arrears to be cleared before year-end.’’ said Chivanga.

The two entities have over the years fought over tax disagreements with Rautenbach failing to pay his dues to the local authority for a long time.

As part of its socio-corporate responsibilities, Bio-Energy has agreed to supply water at Mwenezi Primary School.

It will also assist Zesa with transport to cover faults. Zesa has one vehicle in the whole Mwenezi District. Rautenbach is doing commercial agri-activities on 229 000 hectares of land in Mwenezi where he is keeping cattle, crocodiles and has a big safari park with all types of wild animals. https://masvingomirror.com

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