Joice Mujuru ordered Edmund Kudzayi’s arrest

Edmund Kudzayi

The former Vice president of Zimbabwe Joice Mujuru ordered the arrest of journalist Edmund Kudzayi after being accused of running the controversial Facebook page Baba Jukwa during the run up to the 2013 elections.

The revelations were made by Kudzayi on Monday during a Twitter conversation with National Patriotic Front Spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire.

Said Kudzayi, “In fairness, Teurai Ropa is no saint. As far as I am concerned, she deserved the ill-treatment she got. Call it karma. She’s a ruthless politician who almost ruined my life in 2014 after convincing Mugabe, with the help of Didymus and Bonyongwe, to get me arrested over the BJ issue.”

Mawarire responded to Kudzayi saying he was also a victim of a politically instigated arrest when exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo unleashed law enforcement agents on him.

“Jonso also had me arrested for revealing that he and Tsitsi Mabukucha sold Kingstons building without board approval. Am sure a lot more people were arrested at his instigation. This, however, didn’t stop me from helping him in his hour of need in November 2017.”

Kudzayi was arrested by the police in 2014 for allegedly creating a Facebook page called Baba Jukwa run by a faceless operator dedicated to relentlessly attacking and denigrating Mugabe, senior Cabinet ministers and ZANU PF officials, and inciting the public against the government.

The state had claimed that Kudzayi, who was hired by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces as a computer hacking consultant to trace Baba Jukwa, was the actual Baba Jukwa .

As a result of the investigations with the army, Kudzayi then published a story in the Sunday MailĀ  accusing Johannesburg-based Zimbabweans Mkhululi Chimoio and Mxolisi Ncube of running the Baba Jukwa.

Source – Byo24