Jaboon begs for Zanu-PF re-admission

Jeppy Jaboon

The temperatures outside Zanu PF seem to be going below zero degrees for former Masvingo provincial political commissar Jeppy Jaboon who is said to be in the process of tracing his footsteps back to the ruling party.

Jaboon was caught up in the winds of change that swept across Zanu PF at the height of political tension between rival factions G40 and Lacoste.

The highly effusive former political commissar found himself in the jaws of the crocodile when he openly declared war on then Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, discrediting his competence to succeed the late former president Robert Mugabe.

After the 2017 military coup, the G40 faction was send packing with the majority of its top protagonists skipping the country for safe haven while the remaining few, including Jaboon, joined the opposition outfit National Patriotic Front (NPF).

Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairperson Ezra Chadzamira confirmed to TellZim News that Jaboon had reached out to return to Zanu PF.

“Jaboon reached out and said he wanted to return to Zanu PF. We have no problem with people coming back home because Zanu PF has a big tent approach.

“We told Jaboon that he should make an application through his district (Bikita) who will then forward it to the province for deliberation,” said Chadzamira.

Jaboon could not be drawn into comment as his mobile went unanswered but sources close to him said the process for his return to Zanu PF has been set in motion.

“Jaboon is an asset and comrades in Zanu PF know that. He is a workhorse and delivers results. When he was provincial political commissar, he carried Masvingo on his back and the party structures were in safe hands.

“Things happened and that is the way politics is. This does not mean people become enemies. Jaboon has made up his mind and is going back to Zanu PF.

“Zanu PF has always been his home and at the end of the day we all return home. He is trying to reach out to some of his friends who are still in the system so that they could help facilitate his return,” said the source.

Zanu PF has recently fished from the Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance with senior officials Lilian Timveos and Blessing Chebundo defecting.

Source – tellzim

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