G40 kingpin Jonathan Moyo attacks Strive Masiyiwa

Prof Jonathan Moyo

Exiled Former G40 Kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo has attacked telecommunications Guru Strive Masiyiwa for attacking Human Rights Watch Director Dewa Mavhinga.

Mavhinga’s crime was questioning Strive masiyiwa’s wife Tsitsi on why she said some people calling for justice are paid and not genuine.

Said Professor Moyo, “One need not hold a brief for Dewa Mavhinga to realise how shocking, outrageous and  unacceptable it is for Strive Masiyiwa to accuse Dewa of cyberbullying his wife; and top that by peddling his crap accusation on the Internet while name dropping, in the hope of costing Dewa his job.”

Masiyiwa had posted on Facebook that, “I would like to thank all those friends like Trevor Ncube, who have stood up for my wife whilst she was being cyber bullied, shouted down and stalked on platforms like Twitter.

“Sadly one of the foremost bullies is a Zimbabwean who works for an international organization that is highly respected for its work on human rights. It’s founder, now 95 is a close family friend. I hope my human rights friend is happy now that he has stopped her from using Twitter. Maybe now he and others like him will stop this pathetic misogyny.

“What about the rights of women like my wife to also express an opinion?”

Strive Masiyiwa and his wife were recently put to task by Twitter users on their acquisition of Econet and their stance on sanctions.The pair responded by closing their Twitter accounts, a move which people saw as cowardice and guilty on the billionaire pair.

Recently businessman Mutumwa Mawere has been releasing information which suggests that Masiyiwa has been involved in tax evasion and funding politicians in Zimbabwe. Masiyiwa has responded by threatening Mawere with a US$ 20 million lawsuit.

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