Drama as nurse fails marriage test

THERE was drama in Hatfield last Wednesday when a female nurse locked the gate and ran for cover when her two lovers arrived at the same time to expose her unfaithfulness.

Chipo Lucia Danha, 38, was trapped by her lover Kevin Forget Makoloma, 36.

Forget engaged his male relative to propose to Chipo and the latter gave in and invited the new lover at her rented house.
The two men then teamed up and appeared together leaving her with egg on her face.

Forget told H-Metro that his decision to trap Chipo follows suspicious moves she was doing when the two had agreed to pay lobola to her parents.

“To be honest I was not happy with excuses she would give when we were supposed to be together after work,” said Forget.

“I decided to engage one of my uncles and she gave in after discovering that he is financially sound and owns properties.

“Kungotumirwa mufananidzo nekutaura maWhatsApp nurse kwakutoti svika kumba tiswere tese.

“Mwanasikana azvitswanya negate achitiza nekunyara paawona ini ndakubuda mumota apa angaatorovana mawoko nasekuru vangu.

“She introduced me to her relatives and I did the same expecting to pay lobola this October only to discover her unfaithfulness.

“We have been in love for almost a year but she has broken my heart by seeing other men behind my back,” said Forget.

Chipo confirmed falling into the trap describing Forget as too jealous, barbaric and untrustworthy by sending men to propose her.

“Yea I locked the gate in a huff upon seeing Forget but I had suspected it,” said Chipo.

“Kana ndimiwo murume anokuda angatumire mumwe murume kuti andipfimbe.

“Ndakambo nyumwa zvangu nekuti pama messages aimbokanganwa zvaataura.

“Since we have been in love and communicating I was familiar with his love messages, short hand typing and with that I was quick to suspect that Forget was behind this new lover.

“I shared the matter with my friend and she blamed me for dating a man from the ghetto.

“Forget proved to me that he is forgetful of what he had promised by sending men to propose to me.

“At first he lied his name and later changed to a real name of his relative and I decided to fall into the trap.

“Had he came alone I was going to face him over such barbaric act but I ran away since he was in the company of two other men.

“Handina kuziva kuti Forget weku Mufakose uyu aizondiitasei.

“He was disappointed to learn that I invited this alleged new lover to my house where he had never been.
“I blocked his contact soon after the incident in anger and unblocked later in order to receive his comments but it offended me much.

“My husband passed on soon after returning from our honeymoon and gave birth to twin boys and took my time to find another lover only to be treated that way.

“Kana zvirizvo zvakaita varume better ndigare ndisina kuroorwa,” said Chipo.

Chipo said Forget had been a thorn in her flesh with the love messages he sent in the name of his alleged new lover.

“He sent several messages to me from time to time trying to be two lovers forgetting that I was familiar of the way he expresses his love,” said Chipo.

“Akazvipinza busy achidakuedza kuzviita mumwe munhu zvekuti dai simba rose iroro akazviita murudo rwake tingadai takasvika pane hupenyu hwakanaka nekuti ndakanga ndamuda.

“Forget is too jealous that at one time he suspected his own brother of dating me.

“I was beginning to regret giving him my love but his trap came as the final push out of my life,” she said.

From the messages between Chipo and Forget’s uncle, she denied dating other men following death of the father of her twins.

Chipo went on to send her two photographs and requested uncle’s photos as well and Wednesday was the first day for them to meet face to face by her gate along St Andrews Road.

Source – H-Metro

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