Dabengwa takes a swipe at Mugabe

BULAWAYO – Zapu leader, Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, has called former president Robert Mugabe not to doctor history by being dishonest and alleging Zipra arms led to the infamous Gukurahundi atrocities.

Dabengwa said Mugabe should come out clean on his role in the atrocities.

In a recent interview, Mugabe indicated that he was forced to act owing to the discovery of arms caches, something that the Zapu leader believes is a blatant lie.

Dr Dabengwa called upon Mugabe to come out clean on his role during the Gukurahundi period and tell the nation who was responsible for the said arms.

“He then does not go on to mention that it was at the instigation of his own special branch police. As far as we are concerned, it was with his full knowledge in order to take the steps that he took against Zapu. He is trying to justify why that Gukurahundi Operation ever took place and I think he should be coming out to tell the truth. He should have apologised on it instead of saying it was a time of madness. What madness? Is he still mad up to this day?” said Dr Dabengwa.

Turning to calls by the country’s President, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa for political parties to come together and dialogue in the run up to the coming elections, Dr Dabengwa said it was an important move and stressed that his party was against any form of violence to garner votes.

“As far as my party is concerned, Zapu, we have always been against violence being used in order to achieve anything. We don’t believe in it. We fought the war it is over. As Zimbabweans, we should be working together on these issues,” he said.

The country is set to hold general elections in a couple of months with growing calls for political parties to exercise non violence so that Zimbabwe can hold peaceful, free, fair and credible elections as per the call by the new dispensation. – ZBC