Cross quits politics; endorses Chamisa

Eddie Cross

MDC-T Member of Parliament for Bulawayo South, Eddie Cross, said he was quitting active politics to make way for the young blood.

Cross, who is the MDC-T’s National Executive Member and Policy Coordinator General, said he believed in politics of succession hence he was stepping down.

“I am not going to contest in this year’s elections and I am handing over my constituency which I had been the MP for 10 years to a young and vibrant candidate who is going to be chosen by the party,” Cross told a national state controlled commercial radio station during a debate Monday night.

“I believe in succession politics and after 10 years leadership has to change and nothing new could anyone bring after serving for 10 years,” he said while sharing his thoughts on leaders who do not want to leave office.

Cross was of late vocal about leadership renewal in his party which he on several occasions attacked for lacking direction.

On several occasions last year, Cross clashed with his party on the issue of who was going to succeed then unwell late Morgan Tsvangirai.

Cross was honest in his comments that lack of succession plan in the MDC-T was going to give leadership renewal was going to give the renewed Zanu PF too President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa a 2018 election victory.

Commenting on the on-going power struggles in the MDC-T, Cross said Nelson Chamisa, who is now leading the party, was “unstoppable”.

“This was and is the decision that was taken by the party’s highest decision making organs and Thokozani Khupe (MDC-T deputy President) just has to be reasonable and understand this reality,” he said.

Khupe is refusing to recognize Chamisa as the party’s new leader saying he was not elected into his new position.

Chamisa was, two years ago, appointed by the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai together with Elias Mudzuri be his deputies.

In October 2014, at the party’s elective congress, Chamisa lost the contest for MDC-T secretary general post to Douglas Mwonzora. – NewsZim