Chamisa’s CCC bemoans liberation gains gone to waste

Nelson Chamisa

The country’s biggest opposition party, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says ethos and gains of the liberation war have been tainted by political oppression and persecution by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime.

This comes on the back of CCC legislators, Godfrey Sithole and firebrand Job Sikhala, languishing in remand prison since June facing allegations of inciting public violence.

CCC has argued the incarceration of the pair was politically motivated.

In a statement to mark Heroes Day Monday, CCC national spokesperson, Fadzai Mahere said the principles of democracy were under threat.

“The liberation struggle was anchored on the fight for free, fair and credible elections. We seek to complete the mission in 2023 to ensure we win and take over power.

“The political persecution of citizens, election violence the people’s mass suffering, hunger, poverty and unemployment are not our heroes fought for. Freedom and democracy remain on trial as citizens are incarcerated. We call for the legacy of our heroes to be respected through the respect of all citizens’ human dignity,” said Mahere.

The main opposition has encountered setbacks in the build up to the next year’s general election with its planned activities repeatedly banned by police.

Chamisa, in a statement posted on his social media platforms, said the conferment of hero status and attendance at Heroes’ Day ceremonies should not be politicised.

“Each nation has its struggles to be fought and won. Each generation has its heroes who pay the ultimate sacrifice to transform society for the better. National heroes sacrifice for a country not an organisation or a political party. Heroes are Zimbabwean heroes are not partisan.

“Our memory of our great heroes should not sink or reduced into sentimentality and platitudes. Heroes don’t beat, harass, maim and murder people for politicians,” Chamisa posted. – Newzim

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