Chamisa Must Fire His Advisers, He Was Thoughtless To Take Political Matters To Court: Analyst

Political analyst Maxwell Saungweme has criticised MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa for his actions and his subsequent loss at the High Court. Chamisa lost at the High Court after Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Francis Bere ruled that his attempt to bar Khupe from using the MDC-T name and symbols was not urgent. Said Saungweme,

Chamisa and his conclave of heedless political jesters are entirely to blame for the court humiliation. It was so thoughtless for him and his cabal to take a purely political issue to courts. He credulously avoided going through an extraordinary congress to settle the successions issue.

He opted for an un-constitutional and illegal way to usurp power using a caucus he made himself to believe was a national council.

He showed his disregard for the law and constitution when he did the coup. It was therefore an act of duplicity to then try to go to courts to bar Khupe from using party name and symbols.

He showed his deceitfulness in wanting to follow the law and constitutions when it suits him, but not always. Politics is not about that.

Labelling Khupe as Zanu PF is equally ridiculous as Zanu PF labelling Tsvangirai as an agent of the white westerners.

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