Twitter Suspends Matigari’s Account

Twitter has suspended the account of popular Zimbabwean Twitter character mmatigari for violating Twitter rules.

Twitter listed the rules that could have lead to the suspension of matigari’s account and said one’s account will be suspended if they violate any of the following rules:

  • Safety rule – these include violence, terrorism, abuse, sensitive media, and illegal goods or services, and harmful content
  • Privacy – private information and nonconsensual nudity
  • Authenticity – Platform manipulation, impersonation, and civil integrity
  • Third-party advertising in video content.

It is still not clear which one of the rules Matigari’s account violated. Matigari is a well-known government and President Mnangagwa supporter who would support and defend and in some instances mock anyone who was on the other side of President Mnangagwa’s administration. The account had over 161 000 followers before it was suspended.

Twitter suspends Matigari suspended

Most people who commented on Hopewell Chin’ono’s Twitter post announcing the development celebrated as they called the account toxic.

In January Twitter suspended the account of Donald Trump for tweeting falsehoods just before he left office.

Source: Twitter