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iPhone X: Major Apple iOS leak reveals details of new premium device

Apple CEO Time Cook (picture: Reuters)
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The upcoming iPhone model line-up that will be launched on 12 September will include an iPhoneX along with the expected 8 and 8 plus according to a leak that came from within Apple over the weekend.

There are a lot of things to expect from the upcoming launch, considering it is the 10thyear since the first iPhone was introduced. There has been an endless stream of rumours surrounding certain features that one can expect from the device including its lock feature, the screen, camera, body, and even price.

A “disgruntled employee” is reportedly responsible for the leak that has revealed several details about the upcoming device. Considering it came directly from Apple itself, the leak confirms existing rumours like the size of the screen, the notifications and the “home bar” feature.

The leak of the actual, ready-to-use final version of iOS 11 was reported by AppleInsider. Much of the information on features and devices has been reportedafter studying the iOS 11 “Gold Master” — the final version of the software that is ready for release — that was allegedly passed around intentionally.

The report confirms that it was not an erroneous leak, but one that was carried out as a “deliberate and malicious act”.

One detail that this leak has revealed is the iPhone X. Apple has a tradition of naming its phones more or less in sequence. Models that came after the iPhone 6 only had incremental upgrades and were not totally new phones in design or internals, Forbes notes.

This year marks the 10th year since the launch of the first iPhone, and there have been several calls to the company suggesting that it name its latest device the X. This is not only because it plays on the number 10, but also to mark a significant update in the design, as several leaks so far have suggested that the upcoming phone will be a whole new device.

An iPhone X will be part of the company’s phone lineup this year, says a BBC report on the leak. What is not clear, however, is if the iPhone 8 will be called the X, or if it will be a premium, high-end device on its own. The leak suggests it is the latter.

The leak has also revealed several other features like Animoji — using facial expressions to create user-generated emojis; FaceID — a new way to lock and unlock phones that is being touted as an alternate to touch ID; and pictures of the yet-to-be released airpods and Apple Watch. – IBTimes