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Internet date woes for woman

Alias Sarah
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POTENTIAL love turned into a nightmare for a Bulawayo woman, Alias Sarah, when her nudes leaked on social media.

Sarah hooked up with a man only known as Thabo via a dating site and they exchanged numbers, then hit it off.

Sarah had described herself as a “sexually frustrated woman” in her profile and made it clear she was all about the bedroom game.

As clear as her intentions were, she however, didn’t want to hook up with a married man and when she discovered Thabo was married, she decided to end the flirtation before they even had sex.

Thabo was allegedly infuriated more because his catch was willing to fund their rendezvous, and leaked her nudes.

“I thought that he was a genuine person who understood what I wanted. Everything was good until he revealed that he was married. It’s a taboo for me to have sex with a married man even if I am hungry for it,” Sarah said.

She regrets her move.

“I do not even know this guy’s name and I was stupid to trust him by sending my nudes,” she added.

B-Metro tracked down Thabo whose number is registered as “Themba Mlotshwa” and he confirmed hooking up with Sarah but added that he was worried by her appetite for sex before they could even meet.

“I got carried away considering that I am married but I was afraid because Sarah was very fast. I ended up thinking that if we start the whole thing it might not end well for me,” Thabo said.

He said he leaked her pictures because she was “too much for me”.