A mother of three has claimed she discovered her fiancé was leading a double life after she happened on a picture of him holding hands with his wife on Facebook.

Amanda Creighton (32) from Newcastle in England says she uncovered the true identity of her then-fiancé, Paul McHugh, after his wife appeared as a “suggested friend” on social media.

Amanda told The Sun that Paul, who’s from South Shields in the UK, whom she knew as Chris Walker had been lying about his identity

“We were together for two years and in that time he betrayed me in the worst way possible. I was left heartbroken and it took me a long time to trust again,” she told The Sun.

The two met in 2003 on the dating website Free Dating. Amanda said to the Daily Mail she’d recently split from her husband of 10 years at the time of their meeting and was hesitant about the relationship at first.

“But after Chris messaged me I took the plunge and we started chatting,” she said to Daily Mail.

After a month of messaging, the pair decided to meet up at a bar and the night even ended with a kiss.

After dating for four months they became official. But shortly after that Paul had to leave for six weeks for a work trip. She suggested visiting him but he refused.

“I thought it was weird, but just assumed he was busy. I know now that he spent the whole time with his wife while she had his baby,” she said.

When he returned Paul was still acting weird and when Amanda confronted him, he proposed.

“I was shocked but really excited. Immediately I forgave his weird behaviour and put it down to work stress,” she told The Sun.

After that she got caught up in planning the wedding.

However in December 2014 she was scrolling through Facebook when a profile picture, which Paul was in, caught her eye, reports The Sun.

“I recognised ‘Chris’ in the picture, so I clicked on the profile. My stomach dropped as I saw ‘Chris’ hand in hand with another woman,” she said.

Browsing through the Facebook account she not only realised her fiancé was married to another woman but they even had a child together.

Shockingly, she also learned his real name was in fact Paul McHugh and not Chris Walker, reports Daily Mail .

“I was absolutely devastated  ?  and furious. I confronted him over the phone and as soon as I said, ‘Your name is Paul,’ he hung up straight away.

“I threw his stuff out of my house then I messaged his wife but she told me I was lying,” Amanda told the Daily Mail.

In May 2015, six months after the confrontation, Amanda says Paul begged her to take him back, stating he’d broken up with his wife. She took him back.

“I still loved him and eventually we gave our relationship another go,” she told The Sun.

But he started disappearing again for days at a time and this time when she confronted him, she says he didn’t deny it.

She immediately ended things but a week later found out she was pregnant.

“I told Paul and he promised we’d deal with it together. I just wanted things to be civil for our child,” she told The Sun.

In August 2016 she gave birth to daughter Mollie, who’s now one. In March this year she spotted a stranger naming and shaming Paul as a cheater on Facebook, so she commented and decided to share her story as well.

“Hours later three women messaged me telling me he’d been seeing them at the same time as me.  He had dating profiles on several different websites, all under the name of Chris Walker.

“I just couldn’t believe it. He was so good at lying that he managed to convince us all that he was in love with us,” she told The Sun.

Amanda says she thought he was the one and although she was traumatised she found the courage to move on and now has new love in her life.

“I have a new partner now, but it’s taken a lot for me to trust men again.”

When Paul was approached for comment he denied everything and said tests are currently being carried out to determine if the child Amanda claims to be his really is, reports the Daily Mail.

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