It’s a scene straight out of a Hollywood flick; you have the suspicious husband, the cheating bride and a private investigator.

A businessman from Singapore exposed his cheating wife on their wedding day, showing intimate footage of her with another man.

The Mirror reports that before the wedding, the businessman who hasn’t been named, had hired a private investigator, only identified as Ms Zhuo, suspecting that his bride-to-be was cheating on him.

Only to discover that he’d been right on the mark, Malaysian Digestreports that Zhou – who’d followed the bride-to-be around for a little over a month – captured her walking into a hotel room with a younger man.

The investigator handed the footage over to the businessman, expecting that he’d confront his fiancée and call the wedding off. To the investigator’s surprise however, she instead received a wedding invitation.

It was during the wedding that a video clip was screened for all the guests. It started off with a romantic trip down memory lane, only to end with footage of the bride with another man.

While The Mirror reports that it’s unclear whether the footage was aired before their union, the Malaysian Digest states that the video was shown during the reception.

According to The World of Buzz, the bride was so embarrassed, she left the venue.