Woman calls ‘hubby’ stalker

MICHELLE Hamalala from Bulawayo said her stalker has been giving her sleepless nights and making her feel unsafe and paranoid.

But her terror is apparently not understandable since the “stalker” — Clarence Sibanda — is infact her husband — employed as a manager by Shipyard Freight.

Hamalala (30) who appeared to have joined a list of traumatised women who have been haunted by perverts said Sibanda should stop stalking and bothering her since he was no longer her husband.

She said despite the fact Sibanda (41) paid lobola to her parents in 2013 they never stayed together up to date until she decided to annul their marriage.

“I am applying for a protection order against Clarence Sibanda who has been stalking me. We were previously married but we broke up in 2016. He is always asking people to call me so that he knows my whereabouts.

Michelle Hamalala

Michelle Hamalala

“The other day I found him waiting for me outside my workplace at night and he was standing close to my car.

“The latest incident of stalking me was on 31 December last year when he followed me to Victoria Falls. He caused a scene when he grabbed my phone and disappeared with it,” said Hamalala insisting she no longer wanted anything to do with Sibanda.

In response, Sibanda disputed Hamalala’s submissions while declaring that he was her husband.

“I am married to her customarily and there is no way she can say I should stop following her. Although, we don’t stay together since 2013 when I paid lobola she is still my wife.

“It is impossible for one to dissolve a marriage through a letter like what she did when she wrote one to my parents telling them that she was no longer my wife. She can’t do that and that is why I am saying I am still her husband.”

Hamalala, however, maintained that Sibanda was no longer her husband.

“I divorced him customarily. I went with my aunt to his aunt and the divorce proceedings were done. He must stop stalking and bothering me. I am no longer his wife.

“How can he say I am his wife when we haven’t stayed together? He should leave me alone,” she declared.

Her wishes were granted when the presiding magistrate Tinashe Tashaya ordered Sibanda not to phone or communicate with her in any way and not to stalk her. The magistrate also ordered Sibanda not to verbally or emotionally abuse his “ex-wife”.

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