Juju fears as man pee on barber’s tools

Khumbulani Ndlovu

USING urine as juju or just bullying?

One barber in Bulawayo’s Emabutweni suburb is in a dilemma following bad habits of a welder who urinates at his workplace and at times on his tools.

Khumbulani Ndlovu’s intention is unclear and it has robbed Mgadi Ndlovu of his peace at work as he sometimes gives him unspecified threats.

The barber, realising that he would lose customers as his work place would be stinking of Khumbulani’s urine decided to drag him to court to put an end to his behaviour.

“Khumbulani Ndlovu works near my barber shop, he is a welder. He sometimes comes to my workplace just to urinate in my shop.

“Whenever I ask him why he is behaving in such a manner he would then start shouting and insulting me using vulgar language.

“At one time he even came to the shop and took one of the buckets which we use for other purposes and urinated inside. When I asked him why he was doing that, he threatened to splash me with urine,” Mgadi said.

He revealed that Khumbulani even threatened to deal with him if ever he reported the matter to the police.

However, Mgadi ignored the threats and reported the matter to police resulting in Khumbulani’s arrest where he was made to pay a fine.

Fearing for his life following unspecified threats, the barber sought for a protection order.

Appearing before magistrate Tancy Dube, the respondent dismissed the allegations.

“Mgadi borrowed my money and he no longer wants to pay back so he just fabricated the story,” said Ndlovu.

The magistrate granted the order in favour of the applicant and Khumbulani must not communicate or threaten the applicant in any way, go anywhere near the applicant’s work station, and to verbally or physically abuse applicant.

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