Woman busts hubby in secret wedding

THINKING of ignoring a private call? Think again as a woman from Zvishavane will live to be grateful to one as it alerted her about her husband’s ongoing secret wedding.

Such was the case for Rudo Pedzisai who was left with no choice but to be a drama queen when she busted her husband having a secret wedding at Zvishavane Magistrates’ Courts.

Fortunately, by the time she stormed into the court room, Tendai Gondwa and Precious Muzenda had not yet sealed the deal.

The bride, Precious Muzenda, dressed in a white gown cried uncontrollably when magistrate Shepherd Mjanja cancelled the wedding ceremony.

It is reported that the groom, Tendai Gondwa, a money changer, left his matrimonial home at midnight purporting to be going to Gwanda.

Little did the wife, Rudo Pedzisai, know that she was being deceived, only to get a phone call in the morning telling her about the private wedding.

“The wife was sleeping at home when she got a private phone call telling her to rush to Zvishavane courts as her husband was about to tie the knot with another woman.

“Rudo tried to dispute what she was hearing as she least expected the news, but the private caller told her to rush there and confirm.

“Without wasting time, she just woke up and hired a taxi which rushed her to the courts and the couple was shocked when she stormed into the courts screaming,” said the source.

It is reported that Pedzisai could not believe her eyes as she found her husband dressed in a suit standing next to the bride.

She then told the magistrate that the groom was her husband and they had children together.

The magistrate cancelled the wedding after Pedzisai proved that she was still married to Gondwa.

“We are still together and our marriage is still subsisting. He has not yet divorced me and when he left home last night he claimed to be going to Gwanda. I was phoned by a stranger telling me he was at the courts wedding another woman, that is why I rushed here,” said Pedzisai.

In his ruling, the magistrate stated that with the facts brought forward, it showed that Gondwa and Pedzisai’s marriage still existed.

Gondwa was mum when reached. “No comment,” was all he said.

The bride whose wedding day turned into a nightmare declined comment saying: “Are you one of Gondwa’s wives? Leave us alone.”

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