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‘He won’t poke me’

Lydia Mhlanga and Never Moyo
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SHE claims her husband hasn’t had sex with her for over a month and whenever she tries begging him that seems to turn him off.

Surprisingly he leaves her alone in bed while going to sleep at his girlfriend’s place, a few metres away from their homestead.

A sad and seemingly sex-starved Lydia Mhlanga from Sawmill Ward 10 in Nyamandlovu said her marriage to Never Moyo hasn’t been a happy one from the time he started deserting their matrimonial bedroom.

She said whenever she started acting needy; her husband would turn violent and end up physically abusing her.

“Never Moyo is my husband and we have three children together. He beats me up every time I raise concerns about the way he is treating me and our children. Just imagine it is almost a month since he deserted our matrimonial bedroom and went to sleep at his girlfriend’s place.

“He is no longer paying school fees for our two children and whenever I ask him to do so he beats me up. He is also selling our matrimonial property without my consent and converts the money to his own use,” lamented Mhlanga.

She said this at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against her husband who she insisted was of a violent nature.

In his response Moyo, however, disputed his wife’s accusations saying she was the one who was in the habit of disappearing from home.

“I am shocked with the accusations she has levelled against me.  It is not true that I am assaulting her. We are living harmoniously at our homestead but she is the one who is in the habit of disappearing from home.

“Recently she took her clothes and went away for some days,  leaving behind our minor child in my custody,” responded Moyo.

In her ruling the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure granted an interim order which compelled the couple not to verbally and physically abuse each other.

In bid to save the couple’s marriage which is apparently on the brink of collapse, the magistrate referred them for counselling.