Juju-induced mestrual period ruins couple’s sex life

SHE had an abnormal menstrual period which led to the death of their sex life as the flow always became serious when her husband came near her.

Efforts to get help from hospitals were fruitless as the menstrual period went on for months. As such Silethokuhle Moyo and her husband Clement Masina were left with no choice but to seek help from prophets and traditionalists.

Clement Masina

Clement Masina

It is reported that is when they discovered that Masina’s girlfriend Nkosinomusa MaGatsheni was the one behind Silethokuhle’s suffering. A reliable source close to the family said:

“Moyo discovered love messages on her husband’s phone from MaGatsheni. Since she knew the woman as one of her husband’s customers who used to hire his pirate taxi, she phoned to understand what was going on.

“MaGatsheni didn’t deny anything and she barked at Silethokuhle saying she should stick to her house duties and leave her alone.”
Little did Silethokuhle know that confronting the girlfriend was more like empowering her because she started calling on Masina’s phone during the night.

“MaGatsheni started acting as an official second wife and had nothing to hide in public as she spent the day with Masina in his pirate taxi, a Honda Fit.

“When he got customers who filled up the car, she didn’t mind sitting in the boot guarding the man the whole day.

“The sad part is that on the other hand Moyo started continuously bleeding which went on for months resulting in her not being intimate with her husband.

“When she went to the hospital, she was given pills and injections but it never stopped. They then turned to prophets and that is where the husband was instructed to stay away from his girlfriend as she was the one behind the woman’s suffering,” said the source.

Fortunately, Moyo was healed but Masina terminated the relationship with MaGatsheni for a week. After that they became madly in love again with MaGatsheni daringly phoning the wife boasting about being the winner.

MaGatsheni told B-Metro that she was not accountable to anyone.

“Go ahead and write what you know. I will do whatever I want without being answerable to anyone. I have got no business with you,” she said.

The two timing husband Masina said he does not need anyone to tell him what to do too.

“What is your interest in what happens in my life? I have nothing to discuss with you because I do not need your help.”

The hapless Moyo who is on the verge of losing her husband confirmed her suffering.

“I am suffering because of MaGatsheni and it seems she will do anything to snatch my husband.”

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