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Casual sexual affairs…Sleep-around businessman gets stern warning

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A “bed-hopping” businessman who was allegedly in the habit of “importing” home his numerous girlfriends in the presence of his wife received a stern reprimand from the court when he was ordered not to turn his matrimonial home into a love nest.

Chrispen Joel Chiangwa proprietor of Chiyangwa Driving School was disgraced at the Bulawayo Civil Court where his wife Nyarai Chiangwa was seeking a protection order against him saying he was abusing her with his casual sexual affairs.  He was then ordered by a Bulawayo magistrate Tinashe Tashaya to keep away from his matrimonial house all women who are not his “close” relatives.

As if that was not enough, his wife also accused him of verbally and physically abusing her.

“I am married to Chrispen Joel Chiangwa under the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11 and the marriage still subsists. He has gone violent. He has physically abused me on several occasions, the latest being on 20 June, this year.

“He is also insulting me with vulgar language and chasing me out of the house at night. He also spits and pours beer on me and as if that is not enough he also has numerous girlfriends which he brings home,” said Nyarai who caused an entire courtroom to gasp at the sight of her swollen face, which was a testimony of how badly her husband had been abusing her. In response, Chrispen — who was also accused of exchanging with female students more than driving lessons refuted the flirting accusations.

But for him the hardest part was explaining to the court that the several women his wife was accusing him of flirting with and bringing them home were his “clients”.

“Some of the women she said are my girlfriends and I bring them home are my clients. Although, I admit that I assaulted her but on the latest incident we were fighting and in the process I also sustained a scar on my head. Your Worship, I am very sorry for my actions, said a remorseful Chrispen. His response seemed to have not satisfied the magistrate who sternly charged at him.

If those women are your clients for real why didn’t you take them to your business premises in town? This is because you are purely disrespecting your wife by bringing them to your matrimonial home.”

The magistrate then ordered him not to physically and emotionally abuse his wife or chase her out of the house.