Hubby’s juju fuels granny’s nightmares

Beatrice Marimazhira and her husband Rapheal Marimazhira

A Bulawayo granny suspected her husband of using juju on her because of some terrifying nightmares she experienced sleeping in their matrimonial bedroom.

Gogo Beatrice Marimazhira from Sizinda said her life had become hell because of her husband Raphael Marimazhira.

Gogo Beatrice who has since deserted their matrimonial home to stay with one of their daughters said whenever she was sleeping in their matrimonial bedroom she would experience some disturbing events adding that sometimes she woke up hallucinating.

She bared her soul at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was seeking a protection order against her husband whom she also accused of verbally and physically abusing her.

“I am married to the respondent (Raphael Marimazhira) under the Marriages Act Chapter 37 and it still subsists. He hired a traditional healer to fix me. This is because there are some strange happenings in our matrimonial bedroom at night. Whenever I am sleeping I always have terrifying nightmares and sometimes I woke up hallucinating.

“He is also in the habit of verbally and physically abusing me. He also chased me out of our matrimonial home while labelling me a witch,” said Gogo Marimazhira while demonstrating to the court how her husband was physically abusing her.

She further said her husband was also cheating on her with a “young” woman who was the same age with their last child.

“He is cheating on me and whenever he has a girlfriend he chases me out of the house.  One of his girlfriends is the same age with our last child. The girl would come to me while bragging she is madly in love with him”.

In response Raphael disputed his wife’s claims saying she was the one who was abusing him.

“She is lying against me. I have never assaulted her. We are no longer staying together. She moved out to stay with one of  her daughters and is always coming back to insult me. I also can’t say we are still married because we last had sex in 2003,” responded a livid Raphael.

His response did not, however, go down well with his wife who said he was the one who started sexually starving her by sleeping in his pyjamas.

“He is the one who started to ignore me in bed by sleeping in his pyjamas. He even said to me I should look for another man to entertain me,” said Gogo Marimazhira.

In her ruling the presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure, however, ordered the couple to keep peace by not verbally and physically abuse each other. – B-Metro

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