‘Satanic’ Grade three pupil brings school to standstill

Chipiwa Primary School in Mkwasine

IN a suspected case of Satanism, a Grade Three pupil at Chipiwa Primary School in Mkwasine, Chiredzi District, reportedly disrupted lessons when she started manifesting as strange occult-related happenings engulfed the school.

The incident which left both teachers and pupils scurrying for cover happened on Monday morning.

It is reported that while manifesting, the girl who was holding a bottle filled with something like blood was acting weirdly while going into a trance claiming she was seeing her friend based in South Africa who frequently visited her at night.

It is alleged that during the manifestation, she pointed the bottle at three of her classmates resulting in them to fainting.

Their skin was also said to have developed snake-like colours.

Although efforts to obtain a comment from the district education officer were futile by the time of going to print, a source at the school confirmed the incident to B-Metro saying it was linked to Satanism.

“A wave of fear gripped the school when a Grade Three pupil went into a trance going around the school claiming she was seeing her friend based in South Africa who frequently visits her at night.

“During the manifestation she was also carrying a bottle filled with some red liquid like blood and when she pointed it at her three fellow classmates they passed out and their skin started changing into snake-like colours.

“Her parents were summoned on the following day where the girl also revealed that she was always dreaming horror images,” said a source from the school who declined to be named for fear of reprisals.

After the manifestation, some strange occult-related happenings immediately engulfed the school thereby forcing disruption of lessons.

Gripped by fear, a number of pupils reportedly fled from the school.

“The incident really affected other pupils whose parents came on the following day to investigate what had happened,” added the source.

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