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Zanu PF says it is happy with by-election results

Chris Mutsvangwa
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ZANU-PF is pleasantly relieved that it has kept and solidified its traditional support in the traditional rural bastions.

The Party of the Zimbabwe Revolution is most delighted that it made fresh inroads in MDC-CCC urban strongholds.

The internecine fights of the fractious MDC-CCC formations handed ZANU-PF a propitious chance to pick a few more national assembly seats and thus increase further the two thirds absolute majority in Parliament.

ZANU-PF also used the occasion to harvest a respectable clutch of local council seats.

Two decades of MDC-CCC urban neglect, feckless maladministration, screaming corruption and putrid decay are all finally beginning to invite the wrath of the long-suffering urban citizenry at the expense of Nelson Chamisa and his acrimonious cohorts.

Even more reassuring is the narrowing margins in those seats ZANU-PF lost. This speaks volumes of the resurgent support of the Party.

ZANU-PF is heartily encouraged by its catch from the MDC-CCC opposition ponds.

The electoral jury is out. Come the 2023 Harmonised Elections, ZANU-PF envisages an electoral tsunami that will drown the foreign spawned opposition and its reliance on alien sponsorship.

President ED Mnangagwa has a reason for a measure of smugness.

His hopeful message of urban renewal is hitting the tuneful chords in our towns and cities. The urban appeal of the mantra Zimbabwe Is Open For Business is energizing entrepreneurial flair.

The electorate sees President Mnangagwa on a spree of ribbon cutting of revived factories and their expanded production lines.

President Mnangagwa is hopping from one groundbreaking ceremony to another as major infrastructure projects open up to global class investment in oil and gas drilling in Muzarabani, iron and steel ecosystem in Mvuma-Chivhu-Manhize, ferrochrome in Selous, coking coal in Hwange, Platinum Group Metals on the Great Dyke and lithium deposits in Goromonzi and Buhera.

The resultant infrastructure dividend is seeing ‘yellow metal’ earthmoving, bulldozers etc in frenetic activity. The whole landscape has been converted into a huge construction site.

There is a takeaway message for ZANU-PF Party. The Party of the Zimbabwe Revolution is recovering its urban spunk and completing its portfolio of national socio-economic and political appeal.

Kudos and gratitude deservedly go to Chairperson, Priscilla Chigumba and the focused and hardworking ZEC team. Unmiffed by detractors, they stuck to their statutory mandate and discharged their assignment in a sterling manner.

Zimbabwe’s democracy once more proved its homegrown mettle.

Perhaps to the shame of those meddlesome West now preoccupied with the military imbroglio in Ukraine.

Nelson Chamisa, true to pettiness is gloatful at his showdown with Mwonzora.

He is celebrating the win of this consolation price.

Indeed a paradox underscoring the vindication of the undisputed ascendancy of ZANU-PF on the Zimbabwe political stage.

He conveniently misses the point that the same election process that awards him the self adulatory win against his MDC-CCC adversaries is the one that equally lands him a drubbing from against.

Yet he has the temerity to disparage ZEC each time he opens his lips. All because the sulking and right-wing fringe political elements in post-imperial London and Washington are bent on never reconciling with independent, and assertive Zimbabwe.

Source: ZBC