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Plot to stop Kasukuwere from rejoining ZANU PF revealed

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A certain faction of ZANU PF that is aligned to National Political Commissar Victor Matemadanda is moving in to stop the readmission of exiled former ZANU PF Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere back into the party.

A sources from the recently elected Harare DCC structure told this reporter that Matemadanda has called for Provincial Coordinating Committee meeting to strike fear in the heart of the structures so that they do not support the move.

“The NPC has called for nationwide PCC meetings that seek to stop the growing echoes in the party that Tyson should be readmitted.” The source said.

“The team led by the NPC  is panicking because wherever they go especially in Mashonaland Central the call is loud that Tyson must come back. If you so very clearly in the recent meeting held by Kazembe Kazembe in Mashonaland Central people did not even respond to his slogan because he is unpopular unlike Tyson and Dick Mafios.


Kuda kuitisa futi vanhu ka uku. Tyson hamuguti kubira nyika mari here? Maona kuti a comeback ku zanu pf haibudi moda kunyangira vanhu neka movement? Guys chidyai zvamunazvo pamwe nyika ingaenderera mberi. Why being so selfish?

Tyson Wabantu:The Movement@TysonWabantu

This movement was not created by @Hon_Kasukuwere himself,it is a creation of those who believe in him and it is entirely up to him to either accept or turn it down.We have every reason to back Tyson and we have every reason to make sure his name is cleared of all accusations.

“With the way the things are happening and the party failing to fill up National Sports Stadiums, it may be the only correct thing to invite back Tyson. The move by Matemadanda to give a command to structures because he has failed to organise them will not succeed mark my words.”

One of the Spokespersons of #TysonWabantu Movement Nicholas Ncube confirmed that the structures of ZANU PF has reached out to them.

“I can authoritatively confirm that we have had ZANU PF structures in Harare, Mashonaland Central,  Mashonaland East and Manicaland reaching out to us to raise the call for Tyson to come and lead the movement. I have that Matemadanda is panicking but that will not stop the people’s will to have the people’s choice taking over. It is a done deal. We await the man himself to speak whn the time comes and give the people of Zimbabwe a direction towards a Canaan that the liberation struggle was waged to deliver.” Ncube said.

Source – Byo24