Mujuru blasts Biti, says former finance minister not even trusted by own wife and kids

TENDAI BITI is a spent force who cannot even be trusted by his own wife or children to lead a serious political party, National People’s Party (NPP) leader Joice Mujuru has said in a vicious attack on recently “suspended” People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader.

Last week, Biti accused Mujuru and her party of fomenting divisions in the opposition ranks following a split in the PDP.

“I have been holding negotiations with NPP for over two years and I came to a conclusion that Mujuru is in the opposition on the basis of her exclusion from Zanu PF, but she still maintains the blood and spirit of her party in all her dealings. She can’t be trusted,” said Biti.

The attack apparently angered Mujuru who reciprocated by launching a tirade against the former finance minister.

“The National People’s Party PDP notes with concern a display of political kindergarten mentality by self-over rated and so called champions of democracy in Zimbabwe opposition trenches by individuals who exude an abominable sense of self entitlement and monopoly as to who qualifies to stand against Zanu PF in 2018 elections.

The deceit, ill- conceived and exaggerated political intelligence has turned desperate politicians overnight to be judges of the persona of Dr JTR Mujuru’s leadership and the integrity of PDP,” said Mujuru through her spokesperson Gift Nyandoro in a statement.

The former vice president accused Biti of being a spent force, desperate to revive his political carrier.

“To suggest that Dr Mujuru maintains the blood and spirit of Zanu PF and more importantly such accusation being made by a politician who by any measure is not even trusted by their wives and children if indeed they can lead a political party is unfortunate to say the least.

Such misplaced comments and behaviour leave a sour taste in the mouth of every right thinking Zimbabwean more importantly when they emanate from self-super–rated politicians who are desperate to revive political carriers which are without doubt facing extinction and want  everyone  to believe that they are Mr we know it all of Zimbabwean Politics,” ranted Mujuru.

The former VP declared that she and her party will not be stampeded into joining the MDC alliance.

“How many times has such leadership (Biti) visited Dr JTR’s homestead begging her and her party to form an alliance for purposes of what Dr Mujuru has clearly seen to be ego-based objectives with sole purposes of looking for donor funding instead of the real cause of liberating Zimbabweans?

Is it a crime if NPP refuses to be part of processes that are self -centred instead of people driven decisions. Being a lawyer does not make one the ultimate judge of other political players’ capacities,” added Mujuru.

The NPP leader claimed that she has on numerous occasions warned Biti and other opposition leaders to focus on issues and not personalities.

“Clearly such unfortunate behaviour exhibits perennial student activism trapped in bodies of adults. Zimbabweans do not eat verbatims and exaggerated adumbration of the queen’s language. Respect is earned and not demanded,” Mujuru further said.

Biti and other senior PDP officials were last week “fired” from the party by secretary–general Gorden Moyo. Following the purported dismissal, Biti and his lieutenants convened a meeting in Harare and counter fired Moyo, the new party president, Lucia Mativenga and other senior party members. – NewZim