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Mugabe Nephew Speaks On National Patriotic Front Leadership

Patrick Zhuwao
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Former President Robert Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao has spoken on the reports that he is among the founding leaders of the Ambrose Mutinhiri led National Patriotic Front (NPF).

In his latest installment of the Zhuwao Brief Reloaded which you can read here, Zhuwao dismisses reports by State controlled media that he is part of NPF leadership structure. He also says his fellow G40 counterparts who are also in exile are not part of the NPF. Said Zhuwao:

Firstly, President Robert Gabriel Mugabe cannot and will not be among the leaders and founders of NPF. However, every effort will be made to secure his goodwill by ensuring that NPF is honest and true to the ideals and values of the armed liberation struggle that ushered in Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980.

NPF will also seek to secure President Mugabe’s goodwill by restoring, maintaining and promoting the enduring legacy of his post-independence leadership which include, but is not limited, to vast gains in social services such as health and education, as well as the empowerment delivered by the landmark policies of land reform, indigenisation and economic empowerment, as well as women, youth and community empowerment.

Secondly, and similarly, Amai Dr Grace Mugabe cannot and will not be part of the founding leadership or hierarchy of NPF. Nonetheless, her goodwill and support will be sought by NPF. This is a necessary imperative especially considering her publicly known initiatives in support of women and youth.

Thirdly, the comrades who were exiled by the coup and are generally linked with the G40 concept, notably Honourable Saviour Kasukuwere, Professor Jonathan Moyo and Honourable Patrick Zhuwao, cannot and will not be in the founding leadership of NPF.

Source: Pindula