Mnangagwa to dish-out title deeds in his nephew’s Harare constituency

Tongai Mnangagwa

HARARE – Thousands of households in Harare South constituency who are victims of land barons are set to receive title deeds to their residential stands next month following the intervention of President Mnangagwa, a move expected to fast track development of the area, the local legislator has said.

Mnangagwa last year promised to facilitate the issuance of title deeds in the area as part of efforts to bring order to the settlement and ensure that those who have houses or stands have title deeds to those properties.

Most of the housing in the area is on planned layouts, but without the services normally required to gain the title deeds.

Mnangagwa cut through the logjam by promising the title deeds in advance so the standholders had the security they needed for their own business activities and to start working out how to service the area.

The first batch of 5 000 households are expected to be handed over title deeds to their properties next month.

Speaking during the launch of the area’s road rehabilitation programme, legislator Tongai Mnangagwa said the process was a national programme to correct colonial disparities which saw residents in most high-density suburbs failing to get title deeds.

Tongai Mnangagwa is the Member of Parliament for the Harare South constituency. He is the nephew of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and is the sole ZANU–PF MP representing Harare Province.

“This is a national project starting here in Harare South whose main thrust is to assist residents in underdeveloped areas to obtain title deeds, since about 90 percent of houses in high-density areas have no title deeds,” he said.

“At least 5 000 households in this constituency are going to obtain documents for their homes by next month.”

Mnangagwa said the absence of title deeds had disqualified many people from participating in mainstream economic activities such as income-generating projects as title deeds act as collateral security in obtaining capital.

“Banks usually require title deeds in order for one to access loans and credit facilities, most of our people are excluded from such facilities,” he said.

“Government is motivated to ensure that people get these title deeds to actively participate in economic activities aimed at developing our country.”

Stoneridge Residents’ Association chairman, Mr Trymore Kanopula, said they had already started working on programmes to regularise settlements in the constituency.

He said those in areas planned for other amenities such as schools and hospitals would be relocated.

Mr Kanopula said they were working with stakeholders to investigate land disputes, unearthing and bringing to an end the land baron menace in Harare South.