Ex-MDC Secretary-General Calls For “Unconditional Dialogue”

The former Secretary-General for the opposition MDC, Senator Douglas Mwonzora has called for an “unconditional dialogue” between the ruling ZANU PF and MDC saying that the impasse between the two parties was no longer sustainable. Posting on Twitter, Mwonzora said:

The current stand-off at Parliament is a manifestation of the political tensions in the country. It can no longer be ignored. It requires genuine, inclusive and unconditional dialogue. For how can one set a Zanu PF-only committee to investigate only-MDC MPs?

His remarks come after MPS legislators have been boycotting Parliamentary events which President Emmerson Mnangagwa attended saying that they did not recognise his presidency since he “manipulated” the results of the 2018 presidential election.

In response, ZANU PF Members of Parliament have been walking out and or disrupting Parliament Committee sessions led by members of the MDC.

Observers have been arguing that the stand-off is exacerbating the socio-economic and political crises in the country adding that the two parties need to set differences aside for the sake of the nation.

Both parties agree on the need for dialogue but differ on the prerequisites. ZANU PF rejects MDC’s demand for Mnangagwa’s legitimacy to be on the dialogue agenda.

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