Chamisa’s Youths threaten Mohadi

Kembo Mohadi

MDC Alliance youths have hit back at Vice-President Kembo Mohadi’s claims that President Emmerson Mnangagwa has improved the lives of ordinary people since taking over power from the late former President Robert Mugabe in a military coup in 2017.

Mohadi made the remarks in Beitbridge last week while addressing government officials, among them Cabinet ministers, following a tour of infrastructure built in the border town by government.

However, MDC Alliance youth spokesperson Stephen Chuma said Mohadi was out of touch with reality.

“Kembo Mohadi’s ridiculous assertions that the country’s fortunes have become better under Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime clearly expose high levels of insincerity and pathological lies of this so called new dispensation,” Chuma said.

“Certainly Mohadi cannot hide under piecemeal and snail-paced roadworks where nothing significant is happening except overhaul of the remaining tarred strip albeit without replacing it.”

He added: “Mohadi suddenly forgets that from 1980 he was part of the old establishment that ruined the once breadbasket of Africa. Maybe because of old age, the usually bed-ridden Mohadi is Vice-President Kembo Mohadi now suffering from serious Alzheimer’s dementia.”

“Is it not a public secret that life for the ordinary people has gone from bad to worse under Emmerson Mnangagwa’s short reign? From the education sector to health sector, there are cost increases everywhere and one wonders what positives Kembo Mohadi refers to,” he said.

“It is time Zanu-PF leaders know that lies, delusion and insincerity can never solve the economic question.”

The country is currently experiencing its worst economic crisis in a decade.

Source – newsday

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